Wonderful work this week!

Chapter 5 of The Iron Man was completed, meaning that we have now finished out class text. The ending of the book finished with a lovely message about earth becoming ‘wonderfully peaceful’. This was all thanks to the space-bat-angel-dragon’s ‘deep weird singing, like millions of voices singing together’. They stopped making weapons. The countries began to think of how they could live pleasantly alongside each other, rather than how to get rid of each other. All they wanted to do was to have peace. What a lovely thought. If only it was that simple!

We have continued to collect a number of nouns, adjectives and verbs which were a little tricky, and have added them to our learning wall. Learning new vocabulary is important to develop quality writing.


We have looked at alliteration in readiness for writing a newspaper article next week.


In maths, we looked at dividing mentally and different techniques of how to achieve this.

Thursday and Friday saw the focus shift to working out word problems. How can we use our knowledge from earlier in the week and from making a number x10 bigger and smaller to solve them? The children worked in pairs to solve the word problems and most importantly, they had to explain how they did it. Thanks to Henry and Poppie and Tyler and Bonnie for being brave and explaining how they worked it out to the rest of the class.

In History, the children were looking at artefacts from the Stone age and Iron age periods.