Hilarious History

Monday of this week saw Greg Chapman and his incredibly variety show visit the school to speak to the children about the Bronze and Iron age. It was entertaining and certainly he had the children hooked due to his delivery methods, involving magic and demonstrations. He spoke about how the Bronze and Iron ages varied depending on where in the world and the type of tools being used. Stonehenge was discussed, as well as Iron age settlements which were made from baked mud and clay, known as a ‘wattle and daub’. the Iron age ended in 43AD due to the influence of the Romans.

On Thursday, parents we invited in to see the artefact museum that the children had been preparing as part of their History lessons. It was a big success and lovely to see so many parents engaged in the children’s learning. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it into school to support.

In Literacy, the children have produced some excellent newspaper reports based on the class book, The Iron Man (Ted Hughes).


In Maths, we started the week continuing with finding fractions of numbers/amounts. The children were given problems to solve and they used concrete apparatus to help with this, which was especially useful when drawing pictorial representations.