First week back…

Back into the swing of things again! We welcomed everyone back after what was hopefully, a restful holidays.

We started to read our class text this week which is The Iron Man, by Ted Hughes. Reading comprehension is a vital skill and we started the week by predicting what might happen by looking at the cover and reading the blurb. Whilst reading the book, we discussed words and phrases that the children are perhaps uncertain of, such as ‘sheer’, ‘brink’ and ‘windshield’.

We identified how language contributes to meaning by describing what a simile is and finding examples in the text. Ted Hughes uses a lot of similes to describe the iron man, e.g “His great iron head, shaped like a dustbin but as big as a bedroom…”

In Maths, we looked at mental multiplication, looking at making numbers 10, 100 and 1000 times bigger. This linked in nicely to place value, which was covered before half term. Some children were taken into the hall to look at this concept in a practical way and it worked really well!


Mufti day

Well done to everyone who dressed up for the ‘Wear it Wild’ mufti day, with money raised going to the World Wildlife Fund. We had a variety of costumes, including wildlife explorers, a red squirrel, a panda and cats, to name but a few! Excellent effort!

Maths games

This afternoon, parents/carers/relatives were invited in to class 3 to play some maths games with the children. I was overwhelmed with the number of adults who showed their support! Thank you! It was lovely to see the children and adults interacting in such a positive way through a variety of maths games, which included…

  • Snakes and ladders,
  • Sudoku,
  • Pig,
  • Connect 4,
  • ‘Birthday cards’
  • And many of their own games which were created a couple of weeks ago during the maths games evaluation afternoon.

On behalf of myself and Miss Lowings, thank you for your continued support.

This week in brief…

The year 3’s are continuing to develop their swimming skills and they have been asked to take a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to swim in, in addition to their trucks/costumes.

In English, the class have been editing and perfecting their diary extracts. They have been tasked to write a diary as if they are Barney from Stig of the Dump, including his thoughts and feelings from when he first met Stig.

In Science, the class have been investigating plants. They took apart the plants to look closely at what was there, including roots, stem structure, leaves etc.

Some quotes from the children…

“There were different types of roots. I noticed a big thick root with smaller ones coming off it.”

“The leaves were darker on the top and a lighter colour underneath.”

There was not much of the the plant left at the end!

Maths challenge day

On Thursday morning, years 2 to 6 were given the task of playing and evaluating a variety of maths/number related games in mixed aged groups. They had to play the game and then comment on a number of things, including fun rating, link to maths, age rating and good and bad points. In the afternoon, years 3-6 made their own games, taking inspiration from what they had experience during the morning session.

The games they they created were amazing!